Artisan Bread on Demand!

      Paneotrad® is a unique and patented machine and process allowing gentle dough handling without degassing. It can divide and shape the dough pieces in a single motion. It is fitted with a system which can automatically adjust the pressure applied on the dough depending on its density. This feature can duplicate a shaping by hand. With 3 dividing & forming dies, 6 different shapes can be produced, simply by pairing two forming dies.

      Over 60 different shapes are now possible with Paneotrad® (in a single and a double cutting mode). And, eventually, new forming dies will be developed.
      With Paneotrad®, you will be able to provide high quality and consistency for all dough types such as baguettes, country loaves, ciabattas, buns, sweet doughs…

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      Denis BARON “Le Croissant Doré ” | La Rochelle

      «“I really like the flavour of Paneotrad® bread. Resting it in a tray for 24, 48 or even 72 hours gives it a nice sourdough taste, it isn’t bland, has personality and the crumb is well dimpled. I have a team of 11 bakers. It's funny because in each shop, although they follow the same recipes, they produce a different taste. Each baker leaves his own mark, his signature. " »

      Read the entire testimony in our last Forum'Mag Issue n°70 (in French)



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      115 persons manufacture the equipments 350 salesmen and technicians in France 450 salesmen and technicians worldwide

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